Dear Santa: What 12 Tough Mudders Want for Christmas This Year

By TMHQ | 04. December 2019


We asked our 2020 Ambassadors what OCR gifts they’re asking Santa for this holiday season. Here’s what made their lists!

“Toughest Mudder season pass, a climbing gym membership, a new backpacking bag for World’s Toughest Mudder and air travel, and how about a massage in Dallas on November 9th next year?” —Justin Metcalf 

Nathan hydration vest!” —Crystal Grimshaw

“I’d like the new BlegMitt Extremes and I need new shoes; my Salomon Speedcross have holes (they drain a bit better now though). For other Mudders, ask for a Garmin Instinct watch; I just got one and it survived World’s Toughest Mudder without a scratch.” —Keith Rasmussen

“A Neptune shirt is at the top of my list.” —Michael Christian

“A Toughest Mudder season pass. Oh, and while we’re in the giving and receiving moods, a season’s immunity pass from having to do Cage Crawl!” —Kurt Devin Chelsberg 

“If someone could sign me up for a running coach and a climbing gym, that would be greeeeeat.” —Jessica Johnson 

Merrell All-Out Crushes, since mine were used for the TMHQs award.” —Michael Bever 

“Hoping Santa brings me a World’s Toughest Mudder ticket! I’ve been good this year.” —Cody Holliday 

“I would love unlimited airline miles so I can go to more Mudders in 2020.” —JahLisa JL 

“If Santa wants to give me a gift card and some Southwest Airlines cards then maybe we could get a season pass again!” —Michele Fisher 

“My biggest wish for my OCR dreams is free airline travel.” —Scott Cole 

“I hope Santa brings me a taller Everest, more wires in Electroshock Therapy, a Muddier Mud Mile, rubber ducks a-plenty, double rainbows, an icier Arctic Enema, penguins marching, Funkier Monkeys, and more of the awesomeness Mudder gave us in 2019!” —Francis Lackner